Handling time

The possibility to specify – in each product – a time necessary for the preparation of the package is important because Amazon, for example, evaluate the performance of the seller according to the time he (the seller) needs to prepare the package. If, for example, you specify that it takes two days to prepare the package, Amazon expect from you that within two business days the order is marked as delivered. 

To add a different handling time for each product, you will find the specific field on the interface of product creation called Fulfilment days. This option allows you to set up the time required (quantified in days) to process the product. This information is passed to all the marketplaces (except for Spartoo and NopCommerce – they do not support this information) and overwrite the information added on the subscription or on the rule of publication.

For example: on the rule of publication for eBay it is possible to specify the “maximum time for packaging” (as defined on eBay). This information is used for every listing of every product except for the products for which you have defined a different time in “days needed to prepare the package”. In this way it is necessary to insert the time only for the products that need a different time.

This information can be insert:

  • via interface eDock
  • via API
  • via csv file for the synchronisation

Besides this adjustment, it is now available the possibility to add a fixed or percentage discount on the csv file. This discount can be included on the same line of the product’s price imported on eDock. In the past, working with the CSV of some supplier, there was the field “discount”. On eDock, that discount must have been calculated and added directly together with the price. For example, a product that costs 100€ with a discount of 10% was imported as its price was 90€. Now it is possible to import the whole price and then the discount taking advantage of the price-crossed function offered by the markets.

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