Publish listings – out of stock option

This function allows to eBay users to have open listings but with quantity 0. Clients cannot buy from these listings but they remain “hanging” for a maximum of three months. After this time, eBay will close the listing. With this new functionality, eDock manages the case in which the user of eBay has or not this option. If the eBay user enables the out of stock option, when a product has 0 quantity eDock will not close the listing but disables it. When the product becomes available, eDock will modify the listing that was still open. If a user has the out of stock option disabled, eDock will behave as before.

Obviously being this option for eBay user, eDock manage also in case the client has different eBay account linked to different out of stock options. This means that any eDock user does not have to worry about having all the accounts with the option enabled or disabled: s/he can enable or disable it as needed.

To enable/disable the out of stock option, it is necessary to go on Settings> eBay settings > eBay users. Tick off the user and then click on modify. A popup will open and you can check or uncheck if you decide to use or not the out of stock option.

Attention: the users that have this option already enabled on eBay will find it enabled also on eDock. We suggest you to enable or disable this option only on eDock and not directly on eBay because there could be anomalous behaviour as eDock receive update from eBay only once a day.

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