Possible ecommerce integrations with eDock

To keep synchronized the stock and the different Marketplace you will need (as for the managing program) that also your own ecommerce website “communicates” quantities, orders, etc. to eDock. This can be possible in different ways according to the technology used to develop the website in order to sell online.

The synchronization of one’s own ecommerce website to eDock can be possible according to three scenarios:

  1. The ecommerce website is developed on nopCommerce platformnopCommerce ed eDock
  2. The ecommerce website is developed on a different platform than nopCommerce and it is synchronized through CSV file. 
  3. The ecommerce website is integrated through API (only for developer) http://apihelp.dontbenegative.it/


Pros and cons


ecommerce website Integrated (nopCommerce) or mySite Integrated through API


  • eDockand the ecommerce website are perfectly synchronized both on income data and on outcome data (the products “pass” from eDock to website and orders ”pass” from website to eDock)
  • Being the website created with an autonomous platform (e.g. nopCommerce), this can be “free” from eDock in every moment without having any malfunctioning services (if not linked to the functions offered by eDock)


  • You will need a website developed on the platform nopCommerce
  • You will need a technical mediation to develop the integration through API from our developers.


Ecommerce website Integrated through CSV file


  • If the file is set up according to given parameters, it can be easily used and the time used to prepare the CSV file is pretty short.


  • The flow of information goes to a “unique direction”, the update of some date (such as the quantity of products) must be done manually from the control panel of one’s own managing program.
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