Listings: what are they and how can we use them?

In this section you will learn how to create, set and associate more specific selling lists for each marketplace.

The concept of List on eDock was introduced to allow you to sell the same product at different prices on different markets (eBay. Amazon, Pixplace, etc.). A list, in general, is a set of products that can be sold on a marketplace. In this way, you can have on eDock, for example, three categories of products (bicycles, cars and crash helmets) and put them together in two different lists that you can call for example eBay list and Amazon list. The products can have different prices and you can sell them according to the different percentages to give to the markets.

The default settings inserts the products in default listings

  • Create a new list

eDock > Settings > pricelists

How to do:

Select: Pricelists

The page of the lists will be opened

Select: New List

Proceed with the compilation of the fields

Name of the list

Keep markets synchronized: it implies a series of adjustments to every synchronized list including the lists associated with a given sales channel. Each time that a product is created, changed or modified it affects every list synchronized. The stock, understood as the availability of products, behave every time in this way: if the quantity of a product is zero or less than zero, each listing – even if these listings are in different marketplaces – is closed.

Discounts enabled:  it allows you to set a fixed or a percentage discount. For example if you want to apply a discount of 20% on the products, every “enabled” list will apply that discount percentage. To follow an overview on how to enable or disable the fixed discounts

Related forms: selling markets to which the list can join

Click on: OK


 Once you have finished, a notification will appear at the bottom of the page and the list will appear on the right column.

The new list can be also seen from the drop-down menu.

Discount of a list

To enable

  • Tick off the option: discount enabled
  • Proceed with the implementation of the discount, you can both do manually adding the discount for each product and in a massive way with the button: Discount/increase price list (star-shaped icon)

To disable

  • Uncheck: discount enabled
  • Proceed with the removal of the discount on each product or in a massive way with the button: discount/increase price list (star-shaped icon).
  • In this way, when the next payment occur, eDock will update the quantities and will disable the discount.

Modify a pricelist

eDock> Settings >Price lists

How to do:


Select the list you want to modify

Select: update pricelist

Proceed with the adjustments
Click on: OK

Once finished, a notification will appear at the bottom of the page.

Copy products between lists / discount or increase price lists

eDock>Settings >Price lists

This function allows you to specify a price for each selling market.

 How to do:

Select: decrease/increase prices


Source list (a list where you see the “basic” prices coming from the managing program or the prices you need to modify, increase or decrease according to the selling market)

Destination list (a list that you need to modify or where you want to apply a given discount)


  • Select:

- Copy (if you need to copy products and prices within the list, by maintaining the source price list)

 - Move (if you need to move the whole list in another list created ad hoc for a given market. The content of the source list will be deleted.) 

  • Select the option:

overwrite the price for the product that already exists (if the target list has a price list, the prices of the products are changed).

- Remove the discount associated (the discount already existing in the target list will be eliminated)

 - Modify the final price: increase/decrease (the possibility to modify the price with a percentage of reduction or surcharge)


 Once you have finished, the notification will appear at the bottom of the page.

 Buttons and their function

  1. Modify List
  2. New List
  3. Discount / Increase price list

  1. Filter according to
  2. Set
  3. Order titles
  4. Select
  5. Update
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