Order receipt from eBay

eDock allows you to receive the orders closed on eBay. To receive the orders from eBay, after you link your user, you can choose between:

  • Import them with a click in every moment, from eDock>Markets>listings>Import orders (arrow-shaped button on the top left of the page)
  • Ask to our technicians to add a setting that allows you to import the orders automatically

The imported orders have these requirements:

  1. Orders condition: “synchronized” with the eBay orders (payed, cash on delivery, shipped). You can add to the order the tracking code of the shipment, to guarantee a quality service to your customer.
  2. Tax code: the tax code is imported in these two cases:
    • If the client ascribed it when s/he registered on eBay
    • If the client did not ascribed the tax code but the settings of your shop requires it before closing the transaction
  3. Shipping address: In some cases eBay does not recognize the area of the buyer (because it can be a new district or the client did not ascribed this information, etc.). If you want, you can ask to our technicians to set the Geocoding in order to be sure that the field “area” is filled in.

The list of the orders you find in the section “Orders” can be personalized through a series of fields going to eDock>Orders>Set (The wrench and screwdriver icon on the top right of the page).

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