How to do a complete syncronization of the csv file

It could happen that you need to delete your products (even all of them) from your eDock. But after the syncronization you see only few products instead of the thousands you expected, or some products in a category are not imported, or, another case, you updated your csv file with info that are referred to fields different from price and quantity. 

In case you have few products or the categories are not imported, it is because eDock checks which products are updated referred to the old file. As a consequence, the products you are seeing are the only products that had an update meanwhile the two sync.  

In order to have back your products (with all the update made to the file) you shoud do as follow: 

"Products" > "Manage Synchronization" > tick on the file > "Update" > ticke on the categories you need > "Update" and save.

This procedure should be applied to every cateogory affected. 



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