Why eDock is not including a product in the rule?

In case eDock is not including a product in a rule of Instant Repricing:

1. Maybe you have reached the maximum number of products to reprice. 

2. Your product is associated to another rule linked to the same pricelist 


I have a pricelist linked to Amazon and also to eBay. I include a product in a rule which acts on Amazon. When I will try to incude that product in a new rule which acts on eBay, eDock is not giving me the possibility to select that product.  


Create a new pricelist linked only to eBay (to follow the example, but it could also be different). In this way, you can include the product because that given product will be "split" to be repriced in both marketplaces. 

3. If the rule is linked to AMAZON: 

- verify if the product has a valid EAN (in this case, the product is also not linked to a product sheet because the EAN is a compulsory condition to sell on Amazon) 

- verify if the product is not linked to a product sheet (even if the EAN is present and valid)  

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