The products are not linked/ the repricing is not working on eBay

If there are problems during the products' listing or if the repricing on eBay is not working, please verify these elements: 

1. Check if the product is linked to an eBay listing 

2. Check if the product is already included in the rule: 

- on Analytics, selecting the rule 

check if every column is populated. In case you see these symbols "--", it means that the product is not linked at all.

- in section Rules, filter according to the product code


3. Check if the product has quantity > 0 and an associated price for the market you are working with 

4. Check if the rule exists in the page Rules (it might happen that, for some reason, the rule is not created)

5. Check if there is the product's query 

The query is a group of words that you as a seller (but also the buyer) add in the research bar on eBay. By including the query of research on Instant Repricing, you will allow the repricing to "catch" each product which correspond to that query. For example, if you sell a smartphone the query could be the name or model of that smartphone. To see who your competitor are, try to search on eBay your query! 

A table to improve your research query for the repricing on eBay:


  • double quotation: to specify an exact series of words:
    • "Action" DVD returns listings that have the exact words Action and DVD in the title in any order. (so also DVD Action is returned)
    • "Action DVD" returns listings that have these 2 words in the title in this specific order
  • parentheses: to specify a list of "alternative" keywords:
    • (bag, purse) woman searches every listing that has bag woman or purse woman. You can also add more than two words (bag, purse, handbag)
  • minus sign: to specify a word to exclude. You need a space before the minus sign and no space after. You can use it together with the operator parentheses. For example:
    • Red -shoes returns listings that have red in the title and do not have shoes in the title.
    • shoes -(red,blue): returns listing that have shes in the title but neither red nor blu 
    • shoes -red -blue: same thing as the last one


6. In case you don't have the query, check if the product has a valid EAN

Attention! It is not compulsory to have the EAN code on eBay (only for given categories). If you do not add the query and, as a consequence, Instant Repricing is going to use the EAN as a search parameter for the competitors, it will return ONLY the products - of your competitor - that have a valid EAN. It will exclude all the products without the EAN. 

7. I specified query or EAN and I click on the product's code to open the page of eBay to see my competitors: check if, on the left bar, you selected the right parameters and the settings previously added on eDock Instant Repricing (Nation, item's condition, seller type) 

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