The products are not linked/ the repricing is not working on Amazon

If there are problems during the products' linking or if the repricing on Amazon is not working, please verify these elements: 

1. Check if the Amazon account is already linked to eDock

on Settings> Amazon Settings> Amazon Users 

2. Check if the product is already included in the rule: 

- on Analytics, selecting the rule 

check if every column is populated. In case you see these symbols "--", it means that the product is not linked at all.

- in section Rules, filter according to the product code


3. Check if the product is present on eDock 

4. Check if the product is linked to an Amazon offer 

5. Check if the product has quantity >0 and an associated price for the market you are working with 

6. Check if the rule exists in the page Rules (it might happen that, for some reason, the rule is not created)

7. Check if there are competitor for that given product.

To see if there are competitor: 

Analytics> click on product code.

The Amazon page of that product will open in a new tab. Under the name of the product you can see if there exists seller for that product and their price. 


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