The price of my product is not changing

In case you have a doubt and you are not sure if a product is changing price, before to contact our support, you can control by yourself some elements. I will list them in order to verify quickly and easily: 

1. Check if the product has quantity > 0

(from the menu Products, use filters or add the element "quantity" to the view to help in this process) 

2. Check the price of the competitor

On the Instant Repricing app, from the section Analytics and selecting the rule where you find that product, you can see the ranking of your listing directly from the marketplace and, as a consequence, to check the price of the other sellers. You just have to click on the product code and, in another tab, the page of the marketplace will be opened.

3. Check the history of prices 

Find the list of the products in the Instant repricing app going to Analystics and selecting the rule. You should see the heading "history of prices". if you click there, you should see a sectio, with a graphic which represents the trending of your product (with data and price). 


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