Instant Repricing is showing me a competitor's price that I do not find among the first 30 competitors on eBay. Why?

It can happen to check the original price and the competitor's price of a product in the sections Analytics. And then, maybe, to check on eBay who has the lowest price among the first 30 competitors (by adding the same research query).

If you do not find the price you found on eDock: 

- Analytics> click on product code> a tab eBay will open with every product corresponding to the query included for that given product 


- On the left side of the page check off "new" and "buy it now" (always)  


- According to the settings you added in the rule, check off other pieces of information (e.g. England, Top Seller, ...) 


- If you excluded some sellers during the creation of the rule, remember to take them off the count of the 30 listings you are competing against.  

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