Why the product’s image is not showed in the listing or it is wrong?

If the images of the product cannot be seen correctly, the causes can be:

  • If you create single listing and the image does not appear, it can be that the image file has black spaces in its name.
  • you uploaded the listing from a duplicated product. In this case it is necessary to cancel the old imade and upload that again.
  • the images are on a path https that is blocked, for some reason, by eBay.
  • you modified the image after the publication of the listing. In this case, eDock uses the image that was present at the moment of the product transmission. I remember you that eDock, after the publication of a listing, keeps updated the quantities and the prices but not the images.
  • you named two or more images with the same name even if they refer to different product. The image must have a UNIVOCAL name on eDock.
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