I received messages of error during the publication on Amazon

Meaning of the messages of error during the publication on Amazon

Here you have some examples:

  • "Il 2153 - Error - The following attributes are missing for SKU: [XXXXXXXXX]: [ [item_name],[manufacturer],]"

Meaning: Amazon does not recognize the EAN related to the product sent because it does not exist in their database. Amazon will search to create the product with the information passed. Being the information passed empty (eDock, at the moment, is not able to create products that does not exist on Amazon), Amazon will answer with this error.

  • "An error occured during the saving of the Amazon answer"

The meaning of this error depends on the fact that: there are no new products to send to Amazon, there are no new products in the file sent, and eDock signals this error.

To verify better this situation it is necessary to send the products only when there is a new product with EAN13 valid in eDock.

N.B. take into consideration that:

having on eDock a product with EAN13 valid does not mean that Amazon will accept that. On Amazon there should be an actual product fiche to publish the product.

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