Why aren't the multiple listings published?

If the massive listings are not published, the causes can be:

  • the code related to the product is: missing, or already used for another article (not univocal)
  • the quotation marks ( " ) must be added ad the beginning and at the end of the text in each cell
  • you used a file that is not accepted. The Massive insertions must be: .XLS (Excel 2003). Error: Wrong Signature
  • PayPal. The user does not have the PayPal account linked to eBay*
  • you did not succeeded the process of ID verification on eBay*
  • the eBay user has a limit in the number of items to sell because is a new account*

* the eBay report has, when you use massive listing, an error of this type::

The item cannot be sold or updated. The title and/or the description can contain not correct words, or the listing violated the rules of eBay.

Verify, first of all, the “age” of the account where you are listing. Then, try to list manually in order to detect the error.  

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