I think I’ve done everything I could, but my products does not appear on Amazon


  1. Amazon has not accepted the EAN13 code coming from eDock: the EAN13 code is wrong
  2. The product does not have a code EAN13 with 13 numbers or you used symbols not accepted
  3. the eDock list linked to Amazon is empty
  4. You pressed enter too much times, as a consequence you’ll se a message of error  
  5. The SKU is longer than 40 characters
  6. t is necessary to wait few hours (until 24) after you downloaded the report to see the product published on Amazon
  7. Your account Amazon is not yet enabled to sell (you see the products on the SellerCentral but not on the website)

If you followed these steps and, after 24 hours, you cannot see the quantities and prices, enter again but following this procedure:

  1. go to eDock> Markets> Amazon and click on the button Send products
  2. select your Amazon subscription and click on send products.
  3. IMPORTANT: after you sent do NOT do other transfer for other subscriptions
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