Dynamic Box: what is it and how to create it?

A dynamic Box is a "text holder" that could be found on one or more listings. The main characteristic of a Dynamic Box allows to modify the text in it and, as a consequence, to see the text modified in every listing.

The Dynamic Box can be useful to manage the information shared by all the listings. An example can be the Return policy or the Shipping rate, but also to inform the customers of a temporary closure of the shop. 

eDock> Settings> eBay settings > dynamic Box

How to do:

Select: Dynamic box 

Select New dynamic box

Compile the fields with the text that will be read by the customers.

Click on: OK 

A notification will appear at the bottom of the page and the new box will appear in the same list of the box saved previously.

N.B. I dynamic Box can be created and used within Single listings or Massive listings (Excel file for the Massive listings, Excel column libero1) while for the Multiple listings you need to add the box to the template as an image. The link used to add the image tag will be 

http://dynamicboxes.edock.it/getimage.aspx?user=[username]&file=[boxname] in cui a [username] va sostituito il nome utente ed a [boxname] il nome scelto del box dinamico. 

Buttons and their functions

  1. New Dynamic Box
  2. Modify Dynamic Box
  3. Delete Dynamic Box selected

  1. Filter
  2. Configure
  3. Sort
  4. Select
  5. Refresh
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