Publish products on eBay starting with a CSV or Excel file

Publish the insertions starting with an Excel or CSV file allows to the client to offer for sale easily even if a high number of products. This type of insertions are called Massive listings.

We use Excel and CSV file because they are the most chosen among the suppliers.

 eDock >Markets >eBay > Massive listings

How to do:

 Select: Massive listings

Select the Excel file (File Excel for Massive Insertions

Select eventually the template

Select the user eBay

Tick off: Create Products on eDock if you need to create products on eDock 

Click on: OK 

Once finished, a notification will appear at the bottom of the page.  

Compare Multiple and Massive

Buttons and their function

  1. Create and select a new listing
  2. Update listings
  3. Duplicate listings
  1. Delete listings
  2. Publish listings
  3. Import orders/ Import listings

  1. Filter according to: Applied filters, Product code, Listing title, eBay Market, Item number
  2. Configure: Product code, Created on, Listing title, eBay Market, Item number
  3. Sort: listing title increasing/decreasing
  4. Select
  5. Refresh

Example of a massive file

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