To publish the products on Amazon

eDock has one of the most powerful Tool used to publish the products on Amazon.

You know well that amazon gather all the sellers of the same product in the same page. In addition it identifies each product fiche with a univocal code called ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number). The link between EAN and ASIN is not univocal, so for the same EAN there can be different ASIN on the same Amazon marketplace.

To cope with the problem of linking products with different nature from the one you meant, we provide a peculiar process of publication. Let’s see in detail.

The sending of products

The sending of products is, as always, controlled from Markets > Amazon > Products > Send products. The products sent are the ones with EAN-13 on eDock and that are not yet linked with Amazon. Once you have sent the products, you have finished. 

Analysis of the report and intervention on behalf of the client

Once you sent the products, the sending is filed in a new section called Diagnostic. You can reach this section from Markets> Amazon> Diagnostic. In this section you can see the status of the sending and, eventually, take decisions at the moment when eDock needs an input. With an in-depth view of a sending indeed you can see all the products sent with their own processing on Amazon

The status of your order can be:

  • Processed: the product is being linked/created on Amazon
  • Linked: the product is successfully linked on the Seller Central of the client
  • Not linked: the product is not linked because the EAN is not recognized by Amazon
  • Error: the product is not linked because Amazon generates an error and specifies the nature of the error.
  • Request for action: in this case eDock has blocked the link of the products on Amazon mainly for two reasons:
    • More than one ASIN is linked with this product (the exact name is “Blocked Multiple ASIN”)
    • The price of this product is lower than a limit (mainly 20%) compared to the lower prices of the same product on Amazon
    • In both cases, the user can see in detail the ASIN or the ASIN related to the EAN taken into account and can also see the related fiches on Amazon. Now the user can choose one of the ASIN and eDock will proceed with the linking process. 

In this way you will avoid to:

  • sell a wrong product (see multiple ASIN)
  • sell a product at price that is too much low (see filter on price)

You can disable these filters from the menu Settings> Amazon Settings> Filter for the product’s creation. Concerning the filter on the price, the user can set a limit that can be different from the 20% set by Amazon (to be more or less flexible according to the value).

The image attached shows the status of the sending of test-products. Here you can see all the status (except for “Processed”).


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