Requisite to sell on Amazon with eDock

To sell on Amazon through eDock you will need to link the eDock user to the Amazon user (after you received an alphanumeric “key”).

After you register the user on, you have to set up eDock in the area: 

eDock >Settings> Amazon Settings > Amazon users

Through eDock, the selling on Amazon needs only two operations:

  1. The dispatch of your products in the section “SellerCentral”
  2. The dispatch of the quantity available and of the prices

The integration with eDock allows to the user to: 

  • Send the products directly to the Marketplace (with a click on “Send products”)
  • Download the orders in your eDock folder “Orders”

When you send the products, Amazon proceeds with the analysis of the EAN code and generates 4 possible answers:

  1. EANright and accepted
  2. EANright but not accepted
  3. EANnot right, not accepted
  4. EANnot right wrong
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