To link the Amazon account to eDock

To put into contact your Amazon account with eDock you have to visit the developer section of Amazon at the following websites:


Step 1

How to do:

  Click on: sign up for MWS (for


Step 2

Log in with your Amazon username and password.

Step 3

On the configuration mask

  • Tick off the headline: Desidero utilizzare un’applicazione per accedere al mio account venditore Amazon mediante MWS
  • Add the data referring to:
    • Application Name: eDock
    • Account number of the developer of the application: 9715-8048-9273

Click on: Next.


Step 4 

Tick the headlines referring to the acceptance of the licence agreement.

Click on: next.


Step 5

  • Write down the keys referred to:
    • Seller number
    • Marketplace number 

Close the webpage.


Step 6

Click on:

eDock >Home >Settings > Amazon Settings

How to do:

Click on: Settings
Select:  Amazon users

The area “Markets” will be opened.

Select: New subscription 

Step 7

  • In the page of new users’ register please add:
    • Subscription name: an arbitrary name, chosen by the user
    • Merchant code (given by Amazon): the first key from the step 5
    • Marketplace code (given by Amazon): the second key from the step 5
    • Handling time
    • Enable stock synchronization

Click on: OK 

A notification will appear at the bottom of the page.


How to modify the subscription

How to do:


Select the subscription

Click on: update the selected subscription  

Proceed with the adjustment of the fields.

Click on: OK. A notification will appear at the bottom of the page. 


How to delete the subscription

How to do:

Select the subscription:

Click on: Delete selected subscriptions

Click on: OK

A notification will appear at the bottom of the page.


Sometimes, it can happen that Amazon - for no clear reason - stops the connection between the Seller Central account and eDock. To know that for sure, you have to go to Amazon Seller Central, then to "Settings" > "Account settings" >, follow the link and at the bottom right of the page click on "User authorizations". From that page, you will see "Amazon MWS account authorization for developer": suspended automatically due to access expired. You just need to click on: Refresh the access. 



Buttons and their functions

  1. New subscription
  2. update the selected subscriptions
  3. Delete the selected subscriptions

  1. Filter
  2. Configure
  3. Sort
  4. Select
  5. Refresh
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