Manage the discount on nopCommerce integrated with eDock

"Price" and "Old Price"

 On nopCommerce every variants* of the product has two prices:

  1. A price called Price
  2. An other price called Old Price
  • The Price includes the amount related to the purchase.
  • The  Old Price is the “cross-out” amount



On nopCommerce, in section Promotion > Discounts, you can define a set of discounts (or coupon) that can be applied to one or more products. These discount will be valid for Price (nopCommerce will choose the best discount for the product).

The Old Price will be visible as before, irrespective of the discount, on the other hand the Price can have variations.  It can be seen differently from the price in the price fiche due to the variants related to the default settings of nopCommerce.

  • If the product has a variant, its Price can be seen with the discount
  • If the product has more than one variant, you will see the price written as “starting from €…” without any discount.


Discount eDock e discount nopCommerce

When you discount on eDock and you import that product on nopCommerce, the setting used to import will create (or modify) the the product specifying:

  • Priceequal to the amount minus the amount corresponding to the discount
  • an Old priceequal to the amount without the discount
  • a discount called "Discount eDock" (Promotion > Discount) that is not applied and is not an effective discount (it discounts 0€).

Taking into account these elements and the operative aspect of the integration with eDock, nopCommerce:

  1. to obtain the Priceand the Cross out Price the discount must be integrated on eDock
  2. Other discount/ coupon can be specified directly from nopCommerce
  3. These discounts/ coupon are not immediately visible if the product has more than one variant.

*on nopCommerce every product has at least one variant

** if particular configurations are not applied

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