nopCommerce and eDock

The use of this ecommerce platform open source implies a set of functions and applications developed for eDock users.

The managing of the ecommerce websites done through the traditional control panel of the ecommerce engine.

The interaction between nopCommerce and eDock allows to do the main functions directly from eDock. They are concerned with:

  1. eDock importation > Product and Category website: the importation is started manually from the user but the update of quantities and prices is done automatically
  2. Importation website orders > eDock, automatically
  3. The back office ofnopCommerce allows to have an effect on the functionalities of one’s own website as:
    • Managing contents
    • Promotions
    • Set up
  4. Receipt of the payment from the website through PayPal. To adopt PayPal as a method of payment go to the and follow the instructions. 
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