Products: create, import and modify

Through these instructions you will be able to add manually each product. Other directions of use are described in the section: Plain/simple importation, new synchronization, synchronization managing.

eDock> Products


Create Products/Products:

How to do


Select: Create Products


 Proceed with the compilation of the fields.

  • Internal use name
  • SKU (Code of the article)
  • Item conditions (good conditions, as new, acceptable conditions, new, new with imperfection, prime conditions, for spare part, reconditioned under the responsibility of the producer/the buyer, second-hand)
  • VAT (no VAT, VAT 4%, VAT 10%, VAT 20%, VAT 21%, and VAT 22%)
  • Barcode (Code 39, EAN-8, EAN-13 , Extend code 39, UPC A, UPC E, Interleaved 2/5, Code 128, Barcode, Custom)
  • Brand
  • Fulfilment days


 Proceed with the compilation of the fields

  • Name of the product
  • Short description
  • Long description
  • Attribute categories


Select and upload the image of the product

Proceed with the compilation of the fields:

  • Specify stock quantity 
  • Specify prices



Proceed with the compilation of the fields:

  • Packed product’s measures
  • Unpacked product’s measures


 Select the Attribute set previously created

 Click on: enable variations

 Click on: Save


The product will be created and visible on the products’ list


To move the product, select the article and drag it into the folder you prefer.

Modify Products

How to do:


 Select the products you need to update


Proceed with the modifications

Click on: OK

Delete Products

How to do:


Select the products you need to delete

Select: Delete products


Click on: OK

Duplicate Products

How to do:


Select the products you need to duplicate

Click on: Duplicate products 

It is possible to choose a new SKU code for the duplicated product: you can choose by yourself the new code or you can choose if it is eDock that has to generate a new SKU code. 

If the product has variations, it will appear a popup when you will be asked a new code for each variation. 


Create a folder

How to do:


 Select: New folder


Proceed with the compilation of the fields: Insert folder’s name

Click on: OK


Once you have finished, the folder will appear on the column on the right. 

Update folder


Select the folder you need to update

Select: Update folder


Proceed with the modifications
Click on: save 

Once you have finished, you will see the modified folder on the right column.

Delete folder

How to do:


Select the folder you need to delete


Select: Delete folder

Select the procedure you need

  • Yes, only this folder
  • Yes, this folders and, if there are, also its subfolders
  • Yes, this folder, all its subfolders and all the contained products

 Click on: OK 


Once you have finished, the fold will not appear on the right column.

Buttons and their function


  1. Create Products
  2. Update Products
  3. Delete Products
  4. Duplicate Products
  5. Simple import, New synchronization, Manage synchronizations
  6. Export products in CSV     

  1. New folder
  2. Modify Folder
  3. Delete Folder


  1. Filter: Internal use name eBay website, product code
  2. Configure: Internal use name, eBay website, product code
  3. Sort: Internal name ascending/descending
  4. Refresh
  5. View
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