Simple import

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Through this importation you will be able to:

  • Compile and load the file on the pc
  • Load the file manually
  • Update the file more than once within the space of 24 hours
  • Create and update the products (quantity and price)

This importation will not allow you to

  • Handle file that are more than 500 KB
  • Delete the products that are present (it is possible to participate manually resetting the quantities and uploading the files, but the products are not going to be deleted. 
  • Create an Attribute set

How to do:

Select: Simple import

Select the CSV file in your local pc.

Once you have finished, you will see the notification at the bottom of the page.

Buttons and their function



  1. New folder
  2. Modify folder
  3. Delete folder
  4. Create products
  5. Update products
  6. Delete products
  7. Duplicate Products
  8. Import Products from CSV
  9. Export Products in CSV

  1. Filter
  2. Configure
  3. Sort
  4. Refresh
  5. View
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