Simple import, New synchronization, Manage synchronizations

eDock > Products > import products from CSV 

Simple import allows you to import the products, creating them if they does not exist or modifying them if they exist. If a product of the file is modified, eDock is not automatically updated and you will need to update it manually.

New synchronization (the synchronisation allows you to import the products and to keep synchronized the file.)

Manage synchronizations (Manages the synchronisations created before)

Buttons and their functions

  1. New folder
  2. Modify folder
  3. Delete folder
  4. Create products
  5. Modify products
  6. Delete products
  7. Duplicate Products
  8. Import Products from CSV
  9. Export Products in CSV

  1. Filter
  2. Configure
  3. Sort
  4. Refresh
  5. View
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