Communicate with clients and suppliers using the communication flow

To send emails referred to an order automatically involves the creation and the settings of parameters, called in this case Rules, which enable the communication flows. The communication flows involves the sending of emails automatically along the progress of an order.

The communication flows can be used to inform your clients or others (e.g. the stock).

How to do:

eDock> Settings> General settings> communication flows



 Select the folder or the subfolder from All products (left column), where the rules has an effect.

Select the button New communication flow.

Proceed with the configuration of the flow.

Click on: Save

How flows work 

The more useful situation to use the communication flows is: an eDock user receive an order with various products coming from different suppliers.
The order imported from the user is, for example:

  • 1 cellular phone, 
  • 1 pc
  • 1 fridge.

The Supplier#1 deals with telephones and has a warehouse of phones.

The Supplier#2 deals with informatics and has a warehouse of pc.

The Supplier#3 deals with home appliances and has a warehouse of fridges.  

With eDock it is possible, through the communication flows, to send three emails with different details, processing only an order, thus to alert the supplier#1 when in need of cell phones, the Supplier#2 when in need of pc and the Supplier #3 when in need of a fridge. This function allows you also to send the products to the given address. 
It is clear that it is recommended to divide for each supplier as the communication flow is applied to the folder.

Any status
if as a starting condition you choose any status, the communication flow does not depend on any starting condition and it will behave as follow:

From: eDock> Orders (every order). 
Through the button move, you can move the order from a condition, that in this case in that of sold, to another condition (e.g. delivered). 

  • Starting condition: any status (it could be: bought, closed, received, shipped)
  • Target condition:Shipped

Each time, from eDock> Orders, the order is moved inside the folder “sent”*, the flow and the email start.

*Bought, Closed, Shipped etc. are state that can be created according to one’s need in Applications>Product&Selling> Orders

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