Possible integrations between managing programs and eDock

By now, we have 3 different scenarios:

  1. The managing program has already an integration with eDock
    for example with Danea of Easyfatt. Please contact the supplier of your managing program to verify if there is an integration that can be useful for your aims. Take also into account the costs.
  2. The managing program is synchronized through a csv file. 
  3. The managing program is integrated with eDock through API (only for developers) 


Pros and cons cons

Managing program integrated is similar to Danea of EasyFatt or myManagingProgram integrated through API.


  • eDockand the managing program are perfectly synchronized both on incoming data and on out coming data.


  • You might need a technical mediation to develop the integration through API if your managing program does not provide an integration.


Managing program integrated through CSV file


  • If well organized, the csv file can be easily used and the time (and costs) needed are relatively low.


  • The information flow goes only from the managing program to eDock. The inverse flow is not possible (that could have been useful, for example, to see the orders coming from the marketplaces on one’s own managing program).
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