Publish various product at a time: multiple listing

The multiple listing allows you to sell more products on eBay through a single operation and, as a consequence, sparing a lot of time.

Before creating a listing it is recommended to:

  • Add products in the section Products
  • Establish the rules on the return, for example creating a dynamic box in Applications> Products & Selling> dynamic Box.

How to do:

Click on the button Markets > eBay > Listing
Click on the icon + Select the heading Multiple listings

  • Fill in the field
  • General: website (eBay website used to publish), User, listing duration, item location, Template.
  • Select the products you need to advertise, starting from the tree list on the left
  • Visibility options: select the options, Counter, Template*.
  • Domestic shipping: Method of shipping, Cost, Additional costs, Type of ensured shipment, maximum handling time, Template.
  • International shipping: Method of shipping, Nation/Continent, Cost, Additional costs, Type of ensured shipping, Shipping and Handling insurance fees, Maximum dispatch time, Template.
  • Payment accepted: select the options about the payment accepted, PayPal Account, Cash on delivery, Return Policy, Template.
  • eBay Category**: select the type of category First category, Second category.
  • Category of the eBay shop: select the type of category First category, Second category
  • Select the button “Publish” (if I need to publish immediately the listing).
  • Select the button Save (if I need to stand-by the insertion, publish it later or modify selecting the button “Modify” The listing will be found in the folder “Saved” and to publish it just click on “Publish”)
  • Delete allows you to delete the listing.

* Template. You will need personalized template to choose the template for multiple listings. This is due to the impossibility to modify the text of a template. (E.g. a template includes: Methods of payment, Methods of shipment, Return policy, Other info and contacts)

** Categories. The categories for the multiple listings are chosen and selected at the top of the page, next to the tabs of the fields.
If we were in condition to move some products in different categories, we could just fill in the column 6 and 7, respectively category eBay shop and category eBay.



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