Can eDock do whatever I want?

I confess you something: eDock cannot do everything you want

It is a natural factor that eDock has the same limits as other applications of its kind: to say that correspond to a contradiction in terms. Why? Because every limit that each customer spots is linked to a series of factors: priority of users, way of employment, cultural background, specific needs, etc.

Also international leaders that sell software used by a large amount of customer are told by their clients to have “limits”.

There is nothing to be surprised at, it is an inborn characteristic of this subject. No comparison can be made between the resources employed by multinationals to solve these problems and eDock. But even assuming that, it happens that these entities cannot satisfy the needs (elementary or not) of their customers.

Nevertheless, the users of eDock are still satisfied and continue to choose it despite the competitors. In particular, in order to avoid misunderstandings, we allow our customers to participate to demos, to consult the documentation, to contact us for every business need with the aim of finding out specific needs that can lead to a conscious choice.

To cope with this specific set of problems, a mechanism of governance was launched so that the users can ask for advice, discuss with the community, share ideas and be heard. In this way, our software developers – that could spend their time in an infinity of different directions – take as a priority the specific needs of the community.

It is certain that it would be great to have unlimited resources in order to deal with every single need, even the most onerous, but this is not possible.

You may take as a guarantee the fact that we have developed eDock during the years following the advices of other sellers like you – and most of them are satisfied.

I suggest you to verify if eDock could have the functions you require - and you expect - for your needs

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