From 1, 99€ to 19.900€: where’s the difference?

If the first question you would like to ask is: “why do I find other services nearly similar to yours but they cost a smaller sum of money?” you should continue to read.

The precondition is that in this area of interest there are a series of operators. From the student, that sells his/her services for a low price, to the multinational that requires a certain type of profile – and it is comprehensible that you cannot find your way.

In this case above all, it is wisdom that can help us to clarify. The greatest misunderstanding relies on the nature of the issue sold: it is a software or a service?

Software: Software are employed paying a sum for the End-User licence (the law indeed protect the person who conceive an artefact). The licence can be paid every month, every year, all at once or as the person who possess the licence wants. It is clear that if this person licenses the software allowing to pay all at once, the same person could not have resources to carry on other research and development (unless s/he finds a never-ending source of clients).  So if you are buying an End-User licence it can be convenient for the company to sell that at a very low price.

Service: a service means people that make their professionality, knowledge and helpfulness available for the clients. It is for this reason that the companies that offer services commensurate the price offered with the cost needed for the human resources that work in the company.

Our software is sold, as a natural factor, with human resources that can guide you in its usage. Using eDock means knowing how marketplace works and this is also related to the level of in-depth knowledge of each user. Marketplace are in constant development and we know for sure that you can take advantage of the support of our human resources – when you are going to need that. And we will be happy to have another satisfied client.

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