If you use eDock synchronised with file .csv or .txt

Q: Can I add the brand of the product in the listing’s title?

A: You have to register to your list and tick off, on registering, the option: Add brand in the product’s name

Q: If I change the image of a product on the CSV, what happens on eDock?

A: modifying on the csv the URL of an image, you will directly add that on the product fiche. To change the image on the product fiche it is necessary to overwrite it, uploading the new image on the same URL used previously. The new image must have the same name as the previous one.

Q: Can I modify the reloads once I imported the products?

A: Yes, you can. In order to modify every product in a catalogue you have to modify the VAT percentage in a massive way, considering the heading “reload” from your CLV file. Taking the percentage of the reload, e.g. to the 22% you can obtain the final price of the product with VAT.

This procedure can be used also with categories:

How to do:

  • log in eDock with User and Password
  • Products> Manage Synchronisation (arrow icon)
  • select the list/CSV

Click on Modify

  • select the category/ies

Click on Modify

  • Select reload
  • Then modify

Q: Once the synchronisation is working, how can I add/exclude some categories?

A: do as follows:


  • Log in the Menu Products > Manage Synchronisation
  • Select the listing you want to manage the categories from  and click on Modify registration
  • Select + register to a new category and specify, from the tree of categories on the right, which category you want to register to. Set also the reload and price options of that category.  
  • At the next setting time of csv, the new category will be imported in eDock with the given specifics.


  • log in the Menu Products > Manage Synchronisation
  • select the list you want to manage the categories from  and click on Modify registration
  • select the category that you want to exclude, click on X remove the inscription to a new category
  • At the next setting time of the file .csv, the new category will be imported in eDock with the given specifics.

FAQ related to the use of eDock with Danea

Q: Which pieces of information does Danea send to eDock?

A: Danea sends:

  • name of the product
  • SKU
  • Prices (until 9)
  • Availability
  • Description (taken from the “web description” or from “notes” on Danea; in both cases the section used is “web description”)
  • Weight and dimensions
  • Size and colour
  • EAN of size and colour (on eDock they become the SKU of the variations)
  • A single image

Q: Which variants are supported by Danea?

A: Danea allows you to create variants, but only size and colour.

Q: Why the image sent from Danea does not overwrite the image on eDock?

A: When you send a new image from Danea (and you cancel the previous one), that image is appended to the old image on eDock. For this reason you will find two images. In order to overwrite the new image you have to press enter with an image that has exactly the same name as the image on eDock. In this way the old image is overwritten.

Q: How can I insert the EAN13 code on Danea?

A: To insert the code EAN13 on Danea you just have to highlight the heading “bar code” on Danea.

Q: Can I send from Danea to eDock only a part of the products?

A: Yes, you can. In the tab setting in Update products on web on Danea you will see a heading “Permetti di scegliere quali prodotti escludere dalla pubblicazione”. If you tick off this heading you have the opportunity to choose which products send to eDock (and then find them on eDock > Products) and which of them no.


Q: Where can I find the bills?

A: the bills are invoiced by Avangate and you can find them on your restricted area Avangate. To get them back you can also search in your email inbox the emails sent by avangate.com.

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