Import on eDock listings already existing on eBay

The listings published on eBay before you bought eDock can be imported.

This function allows to display, to lay out, to order and modify all the listing already existing. 
When you import the listings, eDock creates on the section “Products” a product for each listing. According to eDock, indeed, the product and the listing are two distinct matters.

The products imported can be seen in: eDock >Products >all products> eDock4eBay Importer

  • If you have an eBay shop you will find, inside the eDock importer, a folder called “NameAccounteBay” (if you have more than one shop you will have more folders). Inside this folder you can find other folders related to the products.
  • If you do not have an eBay shop, inside the eDock importer you will find more folders with their related products named as the eBay categories they come from.

How to do:

Select: Import listing

Select the eBay user

Wait the processing of the operation

Notifications about the processing will appear.

In case the products in the listings are not included on eDock, the software creates the products and the SKU related while it processes the importation.

(listings created directly from eBay that do not “pass” from eDock)