What is necessary to know before using eDock?

We know very well that time is money. But to start using a professional tool like eDock, it is necessary that you take your own time to learn its features and avoid to use badly your time.

So, before you start, take into consideration what follows,

1. General recommendations

eDock provides a series of elementary or advanced functions. We suggest you to start with the easiest function in order to make yourself confident with the whole system - if you do not have a technician to support you. You also have to take into consideration that some functions include a setup (e.g. before the importation of the products on eDock or before the listings). You have then two choices: study the documentation (a slowly procedure at the beginning but you are sure of the information needed) or learn through the experience (you begin faster but you will have more difficulties). You choose what the best is for you now that you know the good and the bad side of each choice   

2. Graphic template

It is not necessary but it is recommended to use graphic templates when listing on eBay. The template can increase the conversions if well settled (the number of visitor that effectively buy after they found your product), but it can also allow you to assign specific functions to your listing like images, navigation tab for the photo zoom, etc. If you are yet a client of the Marketplace Connector of Esprinet, the template is necessary to sell on eBay and you will find it installed at your first eDock log in.

3. Users:

To publish your products on marketplaces it is necessary to have a registered user for each of them. The user must have specific characteristics in order to have the permission to publish products, for example the minimum number of feedback to place an ad on eBay “buy it now” or “open-ended” mode. If you are new to marketplaces, and you prefer to be helped, we make available a service of online management of markets. This service is done by operators that use an eDock licence. This will allow you to learn the technic procedures and use your account without any support.

4. Data synchronisation

eDock is a complex system dealing with a wide number of companies like eBay, Amazon, Pixplace, business governance and other elements depending on the scenario used the client. For each client, the communications sent by eDock to the actors involved in the integration are various (they can be thousands every day for each user). Sometimes these moments of intercommunication can jam. In these cases – that are a few – it is unlikely to be eDock’s fault but this happens because of breaks among the other people involved.

In the 94% of the cases where a client found out a “failed synchronisation” (data collected among 5000 ticket opened from customers in 7 years of activity) it was not because of eDock but because of imprecise settings or others. In the last years we were concerned with making eDock as easiest as possible in the setting phase – this was not easy as it is in contrast with professional needs of the user.
So, you have to use eDock with the same spirit with whom you should use every programme in the world: eDock is not perfect Revealed this secret, we ask to our clients to be willing to collaborate with our technicians in case of a missing synchronisation, in order to discover faster the problems.

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