Scenarios of possible employs of eDock: what is the best shape for your biscuits?

Even though every user employs different procedures, our experience can help us to suggest scenarios of possible employ that satisfied our customers. You can find out below.

Take also into account that eDock (as every other system) can help you to reduce organizing costs if you identify a “strong” way for the procedure you decide to use,

Figuratively speaking, we can describe eDock as a manufacturing plant of assembly line typology. This type of manufacturing plant works if there are precise instructions and conditions for its functioning. For example: a manufacturing plant producing biscuits does not allow to change the final shape of the product as you wish (today it might be round, tomorrow rectangular and the day after tomorrow star-shaped) because these changes affect the following steps of the assembly line (e.g. the packaging). This can be possible only if the one who orders a commission expressed this need in advantage. We suggest you to inform by yourself by reading our documentation, writing and calling us or by assisting to our demos. In this way you will be sure that your biscuits have the shape you wish

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