Publication of the products

With eDock you can send your product to the integrated marketplace.

The ways to publish the products are various and can be different according to the organization you want to have as a user and according to the settings of the marketplace selected.

A brief outline of the chances offered to every user will follow. To in-depth this subject please read the specific documentation or contact us for further pieces of information.

You can send products to eBay:

  • Gradually, various products all together or automatically (a setup is necessary)
  • Ranging (e.g., size, colour)
  • With products attribute (e.g. for the clothing: material/cloth)
  • Through apposite files
  • In Italy and internationally all over the world, except for eBay Motors
  • With different currency
  • For one or more eBay account

You can send products to Amazon, Pixplace and Spartoo:

  • For product category
  • For the product with EAN code already present in the marketplace
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