Managing the orders

eDock allows you to collect every order that comes from the marketplace in a single screen

The orders can include details that can be different from the marketplace they come from.

A brief outline of the details of the function used to manage the orders to follow. To in-depth this subject please read the specific documentation or contact us for further pieces of information.

For every marketplace, eDock provides:

  • Manual or automatic download (you have to do the setup before)
  • The synchronisation with the marketplace of the order’s progress (e.g. on eBay: payment, mark, delivered and online tracking)
  • Customers’ data are saved in a database for the entire licence
  • Orders’ data exportation in a ready-to-go format for the courier (Bartolini, DHL, SDA and GLS) or in a personalized road layout.
  • The printing of the order
  • The possibility to set up various phases during the proceeding of the order. This allow you to send communication via pre-planned email (e.g. adding a phase called “Thanks” that send automatically an email where you thank the customer for the purchase)
  • In case your customer inserted partially his data, e.g. he forgot to insert the province or he insert the wrong data, eDock correct this data so the order is complete.
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