Second scenario: I have a management program, I want to sell on marketplaces.

Aim: with this scenario, the eDock users increase the income.

Method: publish products on marketplaces, starting from the pieces of information filed on my management program.

It is necessary to know that eDock has a products’ “container” that we call Products. In Products you can add the products you want, even if these are sold in different marketplaces.

The subject here is how to “move” your articles from the managing program to Products on eDock.

eDock can get a file (.csv or .txt) and update his catalogue every day in a given time.

This function allows you to:

  • publish listings on eBay with variations (e.g. size or colour)
  • Synchronize the quantities. If on the website the product is out of stock, on the marketplace the listing is closed. The listing opens when the product goes from quantity zero to more than zero.
  • Synchronize the prices. If on the website the product has a discount, the price changes also on the marketplace.
  • Publish the products on foreign marketplaces with different currency and translated descriptions.
  • Modify the price on eDock, before importing the products on Products, according to the price on the website. The price can be modified according to the category, to the brand, to the price list or every of them. The price changes as an increase of the percentage, it can be fixed or the combination of the two. The price on eDock is the one used for the marketplace.
  • Sell on the website, on eBay and on Amazon with different prices, keeping synchronized the variation of price on the file extracted from the website.
  • Add, on eBay, the title of the listing, the brand or the code of the products
  • Choose which products sell on eBay
  • Choose which category of products sell on Amazon

If you do not find, in this scenario, the function you need do not hesitate to contact us.

In some scenarios of employment, that are not standard, the client has the need to find their orders directly on the managing program of the company. For this type of integration, please contact our office and talk with a sales manager.

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