Third scenario: I sell on marketplaces, I want to manage my stock with Danea or other managing program

Aim: with this scenario, eDock users decrease costs.

Method: manage the orders through virtuous automatisms.

The companies often use managing program, which allow them to control the stock in hand with automatized processes.

The first thing that we have to clarify to be understandable in this page is if you already have a managing program or if you have to buy it.

If you have already a managing program (and this is different from Danea EasyFatt), please contact one of our eDock sales manager. This refers to a scenario used by different companies but peculiar (it depends on the managing program, on the technology used to develop it and the political strategy of the producing company, etc.). Our sales manager will be pleased to take into account this possibility with you and your supplier.

I do not have a managing program (or I use Danea EasyFatt)

In this case, if you do not have this program yet, we suggest you to buy the Danea EasyFatt software.

This managing program, integrated with eDock, will allow you to have an updated situation of your stock and to:

  • Download orders and process them on the managing program
  • Print/send invoices or other documents
  • Print labels for your deliveries
  • Save the civil registry of your customers with details for each of them
  • Print the waybills from a file (for many customers at the same time)

This list represents what our customers normally ask.

If you do not find in this scenario the function you need, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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