If you sell on eBay

Q: Is it possible to download automatically orders from eBay on eDock?

A: Surely, it is necessary to open a support ticket, that will set the importation of the orders at regular intervals

Q: why don’t I find products on the drop-down menu while I create a listing?

A: the list that contains the products is not associated with eBay. The lists are fundamental for the sales, if you do not associate the lists it means that the product does not have a price – and it cannot be sold.

Q: What are the meaning of the errors on the Automatic Listing Report?

A: a list to follow

Error 21916750 I cannot modify an expired listing

Meaning: eDock tried to modify the quantity or the price of a listing that is expired and, as a consequence, closed. The modification in this case is not successful.

Error 21916736 to modify a product with multiple product code you have to provide an product code at the level of the variants and an ID object

Meaning: eDock is trying to modify a multiple listing (with variations) and a call for a single listing.

Error 21916587 Missing name in name-value list

Meaning: missing name in some specifics of the variants or in the group of specifics of the variants. In essence some variations do not have some values, like size or colour.

Q: how can I start again with the automatic listings if the Token is expired?

A: different scenarios can be taken into consideration:

  1. With CSV file

  • In the CSV file: take every product to quantity zero

  • Wait for the setting time (variable according to what settled with the technical department)

  • Control that the products are effectively null (it is better to do that directly on eBay)

  • In your CSV file, update the quantities of the products in positive

  • Wait again for the importation time (variable according to what settled with the technical department)

  • The listings are published if the rules are correctly set up

  1. With Danea

  • Send directly the products with zero quantity to Danea

  • Control that the products have zero quantity on eDock

  • Repeat the products deployment with positive quantity   

  • To change the Token please read this article.

Q: why the eBay categories or the categories of my shop does not appear on eDock?

A: the motivations can be two: the eBay token is exhausted or there is an uncomplete heading of the menu “eBay user”

If you sell on Amazon

Q: Where can I find the last orders’ download in Amazon?

A: You can find in in Settings> Amazon Settings> Amazon Users

Q: How can I update the prices?

A: The update of the prices is automatic in Amazon, there is no need to press enter. It is necessary to press enter only if new products are added.

Q: Can I publish my products on Amazon.com?

A: the publication on Amazon.com is not supported yet by eDock.

Q: Is it possible to send products with variations on Amazon?

A: For now this is not possible. The only solution is to explode variants in various single products, each of them associated with an EAN code recognized by Amazon.

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