Manage products already on Amazon with eDock

This function allows to eDock to manage the quantity and the prices of the products that you have already loaded on Amazon or the products you create from Amazon without “passing” through eDock.

How to do:

  • Load on eDock the products you need to sell on Amazon (txt file) or that you are already selling.
  • Visit the website
  • Proceed with the compilation of the file given by Amazon. This file requires the same products (without EAN) already added on eDock.

Once completed these operations we enable eDock to manage the products published on Amazon.

eDock> Markets> Amazon

 Select: Link products to Amazon

Select your subscription to Amazon.

Select the files where you have the products

Click on: Link

If the product already exists on your Amazon account (because it was created with other procedures, manually or with the Amazon file) it is possible to link it loading a txt file that contains the SKU of the products to link.

Publish size and colours on Amazon

With eDock you can publish on Amazon the products that have variants (e.g. size/colour). Learn more in the section First steps on eDock.

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