Manage the auto listing rules


For the clients that has a profile based on percentages (for now) these two functions are enabled in Markets> eBay > auto listing rules. This functions can be used through two buttons next to the usual buttons-bar (new, modify, duplicate etc.)

There is no difference in results of the two procedures enabled by the two buttons, they just start from two different conditions. The aim is to modify entirely a group of listings that are already open or to create ads for products that, for any reason, are not published yet (e.g. created before the rules).
Through the first button (Synchronise folder) it is possible, selecting one for the folder on the left, to enforce rules defined for that specific folder (and eventually subfolders). To implement the rules means that, after you click on the folder, eDock will ask you: how many listings are queued for the creation and how many listings are queued for the modification. Obviously these numbers will be created according the usual behaviour of eDock when creating auto-listing rules. The listings that need to be modified will correspond to the rules implemented for products that already have an active listing.

Through the second button (implement rules), on the other hand, you can do the same operations as the first button but implementing only the rules you selected. Attention: if you implement a rule but there is a more specific rule already implemented (created in a subfolder of the folder you are working on) the more generic rule cannot be implemented.

Once obtained the number of listing to create/modify/close from eDock, the user can choose to implement the ads to create or the ads to modify/close. Once confirmed, eDock process your request creating the ads or modifying (if the quantity is >0) or closing the ads (if the quantity is <0).

Some examples in which this functionality is useful:

  • Rules created after the creation of the products. Once the rules are created it is necessary to tick off “implement rules”. The result is the same as if you had created the rules before.
  • Rules that are not well created with missing information and, as a consequence, have not published the ads. Before it was possible to take the quantity to 0 and then add quantity, now you just have to select the rule ad click on “implement rules”
  • Necessity to modify open listings, for example changing the shipping costs. Once modified the rule/s, you just need to tick off and implement.


This function, available for all clients, allows to modify in a massive way the rules used for the listings directly from eDock. For example, it can be useful when you need to modify the shipment costs of every rule, or when you need to change the methods of payment or the account PayPal of every rule.

In this case, the prerequisite is that the rules you need to modify belong to the same eBay website. To make it easier, a filter was added to filter according to eBay websites. Once chosen the rules that need to be modified, you simply tick off and click on “Modify”. At this point a page with the same interface as the page for the modification of rules will open, but there will be all the fields “hided”.

The user have to click on the button Update corresponding to the “pieces” of rule you want to modify. For example, if the user need to modify the “product position” s/he just need to click on the corresponding Update button. Some options can be modified only by selecting the eBay website: in this case, when the user will need to modify them, s/he will receive an alert notification. 

The characteristics that are modified will be overwritten on the rules selected previously. The other functions are still the same, as specified on the rules.

Study case: a user want to uniform all the shipment costs of every rule implemented by eBay Italy.

  • The user enter in Markets> eBay> Rules for automatic listing and filter the rules according to the website eBay: Italy.
  • The user tick off all the rules and click on modify
  • A page of multiple modification will open, alerting that eDock is modifying X rules (X is the number of the rules selected)
  • The user goes on Domestic shipping and clicks on Update: eDock alerts that s/he is going to modify the type of shipping.
  • The user goes on General and clicks on Update corresponding to the eBay website and chooses “Italy” (this function allow, e.g., to modify the website related to the rules, it is useful in case of duplicated rules)
  • At this point, go back to Domestic shipping, click on Update, select the type you need, click on Update price and the adjustment is saved. Do this procedure as much as needed
  • Once finished to modify, the user click on Save.

The rules are modified only where you modified them.

This function, together with “implement rules”, is very useful as once modified the rule it is possible to implement it modifying the insertions opened (without closing).

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