Creating products to sell on Amazon directly from eDock

With the new eDock version (February 2016) the possibility to define rules for publication on Amazon was introduced (only for clients with Enterprise profile). This function allows the creation of the products that have not yet a product fiche on Amazon directly from eDock. You just need to go to Markets> Amazon> Publishing Rules.

The procedure is the same as the procedure used for the auto listing rules for eBay (except for the possibility to duplicate the rules, to move them with drag and drop.) The rules implemented is always the most specific rule (if enabled). 

The rule is defined (and is modified) specifying a set of information illustrated below:

  • "general" tab: name and tick to enable the rule
  • " amazon product " tab: you can define with which Amazon user you create the product and what “typology” of product you want to create. On Amazon every product has a peculiar set of attributes. For example, if a product belongs to the category “Clothes”, Amazon can ask for the type of material used, while for a product that belongs to the category “Tyre” requires a PartNumber. This choice (type>subtype) coincide with the choice of the Excel file Amazon uses to create products. 
  • It is not supported the creation on the other Amazon, nor of other types for now. 
  • "category" tab: here you define in which category you publish the product. On Amazon this is called "recommended browse node", because Amazon can move them where he wants.
  • "mapping descriptive information" tab / "mapping product attributes" tab  / "mapping variants attributes" tab: according to the type/subtype of the product, Amazon request for other details or less details. Through eDock you can specify these details mapping them with single attributes. For example: we assume that one of the clients want to create a pair or trousers. After s/he chooses the category “clothes” and as a subcategory “trousers”, the client will see in these tab what are the attributer possible for this product. In this case, Amazon requires to fill in two compulsory categories: “material used” and “external material”. These attributes can be mapped on previously defined attributes on eDock, their value is specified for each product. (The attributes can be created: manually from eDock, via API, via CSV synchronization).
    We suggest to verify the possibility to have these attributes, taking into account that Amazon could decide every time to make other attribute compulsory or to add some of them.
    The example of the trousers can be useful to understand all the three tab – e.g. for the mapping of the variants you will need to select which is the attribute “size” and which is the attribute “colour”.

Once created the rules, differently from the rules of automatic listing (for now), the products are not automatically sent to Amazon. You have to enter manually from Markets> Amazon > Products.

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