Orders Connector

With this app, you can order directly from eDock the articles you need from your Esprinet distributor. This happens when you receive an order of that products from your marketplaces on your eDock account. 

Doing so, you can step to go through the orders on eDock and insert the data on your purchaser website.

How to find it on eDock:

Menu > Store > Orders Connector


To sum up the functions we added: 

  1. General tick to enable/disable the plugin.
  2. Status (folder) on eDock where you can find the orders that need to be sent to another website
  3. Tick “complete automatic”, this function will allow you to send directly the order payed and to block the orders that are not paid (they will be enabled only when paid). Without this tick, the plugin will send every order (paid and not payed) as blocked – and it does not enable them.
  4. Status of destination, where you can move the order if everything is okay or something got wrong.  

The default settings will be:

  1. app disabled
  2. status: "bought"
  3. Complete automatic: disabled
  4. Status of destination: not configured

This means that once you download the app, you have to enable its functions. You will also have to complete the procedure on Esprinet. With other options you will be able to manage more scenarios.


Possible anomalies when you send the orders to Esprinet


An order can be moved to anomaly if:

  • One or more lines have the caption “Items not on the list”. In this case the order cannot be passed to Esprinet.
  • The area of shipment is empty or not valid: modify the area in “Clients” and then move the order in its initial status.


To have more information on this service, please contact our technicians or one of our sales manager.

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