Instant Repricing

Instant Repricing is an eDock tool that allows you to use different price strategies on eBay and Amazon.

When creating the rules to reprice, you can observe how the prices of your products change automatically according to your competitors.

How to install Instant Repricing

Go to the menu at the top left of the page > Store > Instant Repricing > Install

With the demo version you can try on this tool with 10 items at your choice among the items you have on eDock. With the definitive version you can reprice up to 1000 items.

To reach the control panel go to Settings > APP Settings > Instant Repricing.

How to set Instant Repricing

First, go to Amazon user and bind your Amazon subscription (previously linked to eDock)  

It is also possible, when you create the Amazon subscription on eDock, to tick off "Enable stock synchronization". In doing so, eDock will update only the prices, the quantities can be updated directly from the Amazon Seller Central. This heading, as the other heading related to the Amazon subscription (e.g. default handling time), cannot be modified by the eDock user.

Click on Rules > Create a new rule. At this point you can decide the parameters that have to be applied to your repricing.


Step 1 - Market

Select the market you want to apply the repricing

Step 2 - Rules

Simple rules: you can choose between three default rules. If you choose one of them, you cannot modify the rule later but you have to delete the rule and start again.

Advanced Rule: in this rule you can choose the increase or decrease of the price, both in percentage and in euro. There are five fields that are compulsory while there are other fields that are optional.

Example of Advanced Rule:

With the first “sentence” you choose the extreme of your reprice (that cannot be exceeded) with the second sentence, you choose how eDock must behave if your price is higher of your “best” competitor: if your reprice value is 1€ and you sell an hypothetic item for 41€ while your competitor sells the same item for 40€, it means that eDock will try to lower your price to 39€ (1€ less than your competitor, this is a theoretic price).
The theoretic price is always bound to the first sentence.

In the third sentence, on the other hand, you choose how eDock must behave if you have a lower price than your “best” competitor. If your reprice value is 0.10€ and you sell a hypothetic item for 39€ but your competitor sells the same item for 40€, then your theoretic price is 39.90€.

In every instance the theoretic price is ALWAYS limited by the bind of the first sentence.

The rules can be filtered according to:

  • Enabled/disabled rules
  • Name of the rule
  • SKU of the product
  • Market

Step 3 – Products

At this point you have to indicate which category, subcategory or single product you want to reprice; choose the folder you need from your folder-tree from the left menu and then select the products. In the column “Shipping costs” you will have to add the shipping cost if you consider that cost as out from the price of the item. In the field Query (only if you sell on eBay) you can add some key words that identify the listings of the product.  

Step 4 - Save

Give a name to the rule you created and tick enable if you want to reprice and update your listings online.

Successively, you can verify the fluctuation of the prices by clicking on the headline Analytics: select the rule you want to analyse and you will see in detail each product with its price increase (graphic with the last 10 variations – price history)  

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